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Why Choose AE?

Arabia Experience is one of the leading Arabic language and expedition institute in the Sultanate, crafting educationally rigorous Arabic language and cultural programs, equipping students of all backgrounds with the skills and confidence to engage with the Arab world. In addition Arabia Experience bring forth the native expedition across the Sultante of Oman.

One of the best language center

With our native teachers for each offered language, we proved the best suiting option of courses for groups or individuals.

The real Omani expedition

We propose to our welcoming tourists to experience the real Omani tradition, language, food and culture in a way real Arabic Omani people experience it.

Comfort feeling at your home

We have professional and high-quality staff for your comfort at your home, providing their best services. We cooperate with hospitals to provide you with the best nursing services as well.

We provide authentic opportunitites for learners to experience language and cultute from our trained Omani staff and partners.

At AEI - Arabia Experience Institute we beleive...

  • No two students are the same. Our teachers are trained and held accountable to varying their classroom activities to meet various learning styles and individual student needs.
  • The best teachers inspire. Our teachers go beyond teaching and inspire students to be the best Arabic communicators they can be. Our teachers get to know their students, make learning fun, and foster a safe learning environment in the classroom.
  • In a communitive approach. Language is a skill that is acquired, not a subject that is taught. Our teachers create lessons that are interactive and dynamic, placing students at the centre of the learning process.
  • Coaching empowers student learning. We provide opportunities for students to meet one-on-one with trained staff and teachers throughout the semester. Through language coaching, students set personal language goals and process ways they can meet those goals.






What are they saying

Otabek Mamadaliyev

Student from Uzbekistan

Having studied here in AEI since April 2022, not only I learnt the Arabic language but I also gained knowledge all about the cultures and traditions of Oman. With the teachers namely Mr.Nasser, Mr.Omar Ms.Nassra and many more you have the golden opportunity to boost your language both formal as well as informal arabic. So best of luck for those who are planning to learn the arabic with Arabia Experience Institute! بارك الله فيك و بالتوفيق ان شاء الله. مع السلامة

Meg Smith

Student from USA

AEI provides a great experience in both language and culture! The curriculum is excellent and challenging. The core program allows for students to successfully and confidently attain a high level of competency in reading, writing, and speaking/listening skills in the Arabic Language!

Abdulhakim Duermaeng

Student from Thailand

The Institute has been fantastic in supporting me to learn to speak Arabic. I would highly recommend this institute to anyone.

Noumane Rahouti

Student from USA

Great hospitality and great pedagogical experience with students from all over the world. The classes are dynamic which helps with learning and memorization. Great job!

Alisher Usmanov

Student from Uzbekistan

It was awesome that i have ever seen. With one word it is on top of the world .if you would like to learn arabic this is the true place that your dream will come true

Nihal Al Saleh

Mother of two students from Qatar

I sent my sons for a one week customized program. The level of professionalism of the institute and the personal care was outstanding. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we look forward to many more returns to the center.

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